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Opening Ceremony


Mr. Neeraj Bansal

Chairman, JNPT

De Bliecks

Mr. De Bliecks

Deputy Director- Trade Facilitation, WCO

Main Forum

Mr. Samir J Shah [ Moderator & Chairman ]

Partner, JBS Group of Companies & Mentor, FIATA WORLD CONGRESS 2018

Mr. S. Ramesh

Chairman, CBIC


Mr. Ross Thompson

Chief Commercial and Strategy Officer, Abu Dhabi Ports


Mr. Turhan Ozen

Chief Cargo officer, Turkish Airlines Inc.

Mr. De Bliecks

Deputy Director - Trade Facilitation, WCO

Dr. Nancy Nix

Dr. Nancy Nix

Executive Director Emeritus, AWESOME

Region Asia / Pacific [RAP]


1. Opening of the meeting and welcome by the Chairman

2. Approval of the minutes of the meeting held in Zurich, 15 March 2018 (Doc.RAP/112)

3. Approval of the minutes of the 12th RAP Field Meeting held in Busan, Republic of Korea 22 June 2018 (Doc.RAP/115)

4. Actual Topics relating to:

  1. Airfreight
  2. Multimodal Transport
  3. Customs Affairs
  4. Safety and Security
  5. Vocational Training in the region
  6. Legal Matters
  7. International Affairs
  8. Information Technologies
  9. Sustainability

At the discretion of the RAP Chairman and if received until 12 September 2018, a fortnight ahead of the meeting in written e- format to the RAP Manager - Daniel Bloch – E-mail to

5. PANEL DISCUSSION moderated by

Mr. Krishnan Chelliah

FIATA Vice President -Executive Director at Transairmarine Freight Service Sdn Bhd., Malaysia – President Penang Freight Forwarders Association

Linked to the FWC main theme “The future starts here” and to the RAP Meetings topic:

“The future depends on what you do today”- Mahatma Gandhi

Presentations as follows:

Logistic: Enabling a globalised future in a connected world

Mr. Bharat Joshi

Director, Joshi Group / Associated Container Terminals Limited

Author of: Navigating India – 18 Trillion $ opportunity

The logistical issues of moving freight within Australia

Chair ABIA and Chair and Director AFIF

This presentation outlines the issues, distance, time, lack of road and rail system has on moving cargo around and from city to city within Australia.


Mr. Keshav Tanna

Chair AFI

6. Other Business (Chair determination)

RAP Young International Freight Forwarder of the Year Award (YIFFYA) Finalist 2018

Miss Sarah Kate Skrypec, Australia

Presentation about her dissertation that was titled “Antarctic Water and White Rhinoceros” and her view about futures evolvement of our industry

7. Date and Place of next meetings

8. Closing

Mr. Chris Kanter [ Chairman]

Chairman Sigma Sembada group, Indonesia

Mr. Krishnan Chelliah [ Moderator ]

Executive Director, Transairmarine Freight Service

Bharat R Joshi

Mr. Bharat Joshi

CEO, J-Curves Ventures Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Paul Basil Golland

General Manager, Brownways Logistics

Bharat R Joshi

Mr. Keshav Tanna

RAMNS: Region Americas
Wednesday 26th September 2018
2.15pm to 4.15pm

Customs agencies, long seen as a steward of a nation's trade and borders, are under pressure like never before. This pressure is arriving simultaneously on many fronts, requiring Customs to perform at the highest levels to facilitate legitimate trade. Traders demand that Customs not disrupt their just-in-time supply chains as both nations and companies seek to gain a competitive edge.

Trade facilitation can reduce transaction costs of international trade and create economic wealth, especially in developing countries, where red tape and other procedural barriers to trade tend to be high. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimated that even a 1% reduction in such "hidden costs" would boost the global economy by $40bn (£26bn), with most of those benefits going to the developing world.

Against this background the RAMNS would like to invite one speaker, Mr. Enrique Canon, Director General of Uruguay Customs and Chair of the WCO, to talk about Customs dynamics in the region. He shall include an outlook into the future of Customs in the Americas as well as information on trade integration and facilitation.


1. Opening of the meeting and welcome by the Chairman, Mr Jorge Heinermann

2. Approval of the Meeting Minutes of the RAMNS Meeting at FIATA Headquarters’ Session 2018 in Zurich, Switzerland (Doc. RAMNS079 Meeting Minutes FIATA Headquarters' Session 2018)

3. Speaker Mr Enrique Canon, Director General of Uruguay Customs and Chair of the WCO

Topic: Outlook into the future of Customs in the Americas: The Trade Integration and Facilitation Perspective

4. Sea and Land transport issues in the Americas

5. Developments on Airfreight in the Americas

6. Security issues in the Americas

7. Vocational Training issues in the Americas

8. Any other business

9. Closing of the meeting and outlook on the next meeting at FIATA Headquarters’ Session 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland

Mr. Jorge Heinermann [ Chairman ]

Director, Transportes Universales SA

Mr. Enrique Canon

Director General, Uruguay Customs

Region Africa / Middle East [RAME]

Svilen Rangelov

Mr. Stephen Ngatunga [ Chairman ]

MD, Jerusalem Freight & Co. Ltd.


Mr. David Phillips [ Moderator ]

Founder and CEO, Freight Systems

Svilen Rangelov

Mr. Svilen Rangelov



Mr. Samir Chaturvedi


Region Europe [REU]

REU: Region Europe
Wednesday, 26 September 2018
2.15 pm to 4.15 pm

Nicolette van der Jagt

Ms. Nicolette van der Jagt

Director General of CLECAT, Brussels

Louis Perrin

Mr. Louis Perrin

United Kingdom, YIFFY Award Winner of the FIATA Region Europe 


Mr. Shankar Shinde

MD, Global Express Multilogistics Pvt. Ltd

Dr. Mohammad Saeed

Dr. Mohammad Saeed

Senior Adviser Trade Facilitation and Policy for Business, International Trade Centre (ITC) Geneva

Indian Forum

Indian Forum
September 26, 2018, 5:00pm – 6:30pm

Peacock Ballroom, Pullman Aerocity

The Indian Forum features four top speakers from varied backgrounds who specialize in their own fields, and will highlight the various factors for India’s future.

This session will give an overview of India’s current economic status, its share in International Business and how to grow India’s International Cargo movement.

Session Speakers:

Mr. Ambarish Dasgupta (Moderator): Mr. Dasgupta will moderate the session.

Mr. Karan Adani: Mr. Adani will speak on hard logistics infrastructure and logistics initiatives in India.

Mr. R Venkatesh: Mr. Venkatesh, will speak on the Economic Scenario of India: Past/Present/Future.

Dr. Nancy Nix: Dr Nancy Nix will give an overview about India in all respects from an International prospective. She will also highlight on how does world view India today & what are the expectations in the future.

Mr. Ambarish Dasgupta

Mr. Ambarish Dasgupta [ Moderator & Chairman ]

Senior Partner and Founder, Intueri Consulting LLP.


Mr. Nitin Gadkari

Minister of Road Transport, Highways & Shipping And Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, Government of India

R. Venkatesh

Mr. R. Venkatesh

Chartered Accountant, GSV Associates

Karan Adani

Mr. Karan Adani

CEO, Adani Ports and Special Economic Zones (APSEZ)

 Anshuman Basu

Mr. Anshuman Neil Basu

SCM,Moderator & Chairman

Advisory Body Legal Matters [ABLM]

Thursday 27th September 2018
9:000 am to 10:00 am

Trade fraud has taken place ever since trade itself first appeared and, unfortunately, is still troubling the whole trade industry, including logistics services providers and freight forwarders. There is no solution so far that can cure this problem once and for all, but measures do exist to offer trade participants better protection.

The ABLM session in FIATA 2018 World Congress will take another look into this old yet chronic problem, focusing on new forms of fraud that bother the industry today and ways of preventing them. ABLM plans to invite speakers of local and global practicing forwarders, insurers or representatives of international organizations to have a live penal discussion and share their view on preventing trade fraud.”

Richard Gluck

Mr. Richard Gluck [ Moderator/ Chairman ]

General Counsel, Transportation Intermediaries Association, USA

Pottengal Mukundan

Mr. Pottengal Mukundan

Director, ICC Commercial Crime Services

Michael Brown

Mr. Michael Brown

Executive Vice President & East Coast Divisional Vice President

Badri Narayanan

Mr. Badri Narayanan

Partner, Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan

Advisory Body International Affairs [ABIA]

ABIA : Advisory Body International Affairs
Thursday 27th September 2018
10.30 am to 11.30 am

Speakers will discuss the impact of recent protectionists movement on free trade agreements and the role of international organisations such as UNCTAD when states engage bilateral to restrict trade. The importance of incorporating diversity in our industry and the growth international opportunities surrounding a more mixed work force.

Mr. Paul Basil Golland [ Moderator & Chairman ]

General Manager, Brownways Logistics

Ms. Ragini Yechury

Founder Chairperson, WILAT & Member of The Executive Committee, CILT

Dr. Jan Hoffmann

Dr. Jan Hoffmann

Chief, Trade Logistics Branch, UNCTAD

Dr. Mohammad Saeed

Dr. Mohammad Saeed

Senior Adviser Trade Facilitation and Policy for Business, International Trade Centre (ITC) Geneva

Advisory Body Vocational Training & FIATA Logistics Academy [ABVT&FLA]

Thursday 27th September 2018
9:000 am to 10:00 am


1. Opening of the meeting and welcome by the FLA Chairman, Mr Issa Baluch

• Competition and Compliance Statement

• Approval of the FLA Minutes of the meeting held in at the 2018 FIATA Headquarters Session in Zurich, Switzerland (Doc. FLA18 Meeting Minutes)

2. Welcome by the ABVT Chairman, Mr Thomas Sim

• Approval of the ABVT Minutes of the meeting held in at the 2018 FIATA Headquarters Session in Zurich, Switzerland (Doc. ABVT360 Meeting Minutes)

3. Presentation of the Book “Emergent Africa” authored by Francis Mangeni and Calestous Juma – Mr. Stanley Lim & Mr. Delen

4. Signature of the Agreement on Training with the World Customs Organization

5. ABVT Update and Validation Certificates - Mr Thomas Sim

6. Panel Session moderated by Mr Christian Doepgen

Presentation by Mr Francesco Parisi, FIATA Treasurer and Education Rapporteur

Presentation by Mr Jean-Claude Delen, FIATA Foundation President

Presentation by Mr Dimitrios Politopoulos, Project/Client Relations Coordinator at the World Customs Organization

Presentation by Mr Amit Goyal, Country Head India at edX

Panel Discussion on “FIATA‘s Mission in Learning”

7. Closing of the meeting and outlook on the next meeting on March, 2019 (FIATA Headquarters Session in Zurich, Switzerland)

Mr. Stanley Lim [ Chairman FLA ]

Chief Operating Officer Addicon Logistics Management (S) Pvt Ltd

Mr. Thomas Sin [ Chairman ABVT ]

Mr. Christian Doepgen [ Moderator ]

Publishing Director, International Transport Journal

Mr. Amit Goyal

India & Asia Head, edX Inc (by MIT-Harvard)

Mr. Dimitrios Politopoulos

Project / Client Relations Coordinator, World Customs Organization (WCO)

Mr. Jean Claude Delen

Past president

Mr. Francesco Parisi


Mr. Samir Shah

Partner, JBS Group of Companies & Mentor, FIATA WORLD CONGRESS 2018

Customs Affairs Institute [CAI]

Customs Affairs Institute (CAI)
Thursday, September 27, 2018
02.30 pm to 04.00 pm

The CAI Meeting will cover besides the formal items of CAI meetings (see draft agenda copy below)

An eclectic session that is titled CAI debates the top Customs topics of the day and touch upon E- Commerce, Protection for Wildlife and the World Trade Organization - TFA – Trade Facilitation Agreement.

Invitees will discuss together with the CAI Chairmen, on the Customs Topics of the day after initial presentations of about 10-15 minutes by each speaker.

ROYAL FOUNDATION of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, United for Wildlife, Mr. Robert Campbell, Programme Manager

“The illegal wildlife trade is a pressing global problem. It requires the combined efforts and attention of the global community if we are to prevent the loss of significant species in the next 10 to 20 years. In December, 2014h is Royal Highness, The Duke of Cambridge established an International Taskforce to work with the transport industry to combat the international trafficking underpinning the illegal wildlife trade.” In December 2015 participated to a meeting and FIATA was listed as engaged Trade Association for a constructive dialogue with the association.

The World Bank, Mr. Bill Gain, Global Program Manager Trade Facilitation

"With the World Trade Organization Trade Facilitation Agreement now being in place for over 12 months the Customs Affairs Institute will look at the integration of a key aspect of the TFA, Article.23.2, as to the establishment of National Committees for Trade Facilitation in India and the work of the World Bank in its capacity building activity to bring the private sector into that establishment process'" and Mr. Samir J. Shah, FFFAI Immediate Past Chairman Expert on India’s and FFFAI’s TFA experience (E-Commerce)- Speaker to be finalized


1. Opening and welcome (Chairman)

2. Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting in Zurich, 16 March 2018 (Doc.CAI/187)

3. Report on CAI Matters (Chairman) Actual topics pertaining to the CAI


Invitees will discuss together with the CAI Chairmen, on the Customs Topics of the day.

CAI: Debates the top Customs topics of the day

E- Commerce

Protection for Wildlife

TFA – Trade Facilitation Agreement

These topics will be introduced by the following speakers

Mr. Alejandro Gamboa-Alder

World Trade Organization

Secretary of the Council for Trade in Goods and Senior Trade Specialist

Mr. Robert Campbell

ROYAL FOUNDATION of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

United for Wildlife, Programme Manager

Mr. Ankur Huria

The World Bank

Senior Private Sector Specialist – Trade Facilitation and Logistics

TFA experiences in India and by FFFAI

Mr. Samir J. Shah

Past Chair FFFAI

Mr. Anish Upadhyay

Government of India, Directorate of Systems, Central Board of Indirect Taxation and Customs, Deputy Director

Interactive Q/A and comments with the CAI audience.

Moderated by the CAI Chairmen,

5. Other business (Chair determination)

6. Next meeting and Meeting closure

Mr. Steve Parker [ Moderator & Chairman ]

Head, Customs-Europe, DHL Global Forwarding (UK) Ltd

Mr. Robert Campbell

Programme Manager, United for Wildlife

Mr. Samir J Shah

Partner, JBS Group of Companies & Mentor, FIATA WORLD CONGRESS 2018

Mr. Ankur Huria

Senior Trade Logistics and Facilitation Specialist, World Bank Group

Mr. Alejandro Gamboa-Alder

Senior Trade Specialist, World Trade Organization

Mr. Steve Morris

Deputy Chair CAI

Mr. Pranab Kumar Das

Special Secretary & Member (Customs), Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs

Advisory Body Safety & Security [ABSS]

ABSS: Advisory Body Safety & Security
Thursday 27th September 2018
4.30 pm to 6 pm

‘Driverless Vehicles – Mitigating the potential security risks

"Given the use of vehicles by terrorists what is the potential impact to safety and security with the development of driverless vehicles, can these identified risks be mitigated?"


Mr. David Fielder [ Chairman ]

National Aviation Security program manager, Kuehne & Nagel

Mr. Brian Lovell [ Moderator ]


Mr. Pranav Manpuria

CEO, Flux Auto

Mr. Zeljko Jeftic

Global Innovation Lead, IRU(International Road Transport Union)

Dr. Naresh Trehan

Chairman & Managing Director – Medanta The Medicity

Airfreight Institute [AFI]

Air Freight Institute (AFI)
Friday, September 28, 2018
09.30 am to 11.30 am


1. Opening of the meeting (Chairman)

2. Approval of the minutes of the 98th AFI Meeting in Zurich, March 15, 2018 (Doc. AFI/391)

3. Panel Discussion – Disruptions & Opportunities

In the Panel Discussions and the Q&A from the house, the audience will be interested to gain information on the latest developments on actual and future developments in the air freight industry related to these topics.

Moderator – Mr. Snehal Parikh

Member – Board of Advisors, ACAAI, Member, Shipping & Logistics Committee, IMC Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


Ms. Vandana Aggarwal

Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India, Economic Advisor

Ms. Kirsten De Bruijn

Emirates SkyCargo, Vice President, Cargo Pricing and Interline - Revenue Optimisation

Mr. Ashwin Bhat

Head of Swiss WorldCargo

Mr. Kanishka Agiwal

IBM India Private Limited, Head - Travel & Transportation Industry, Member of IBM Industry Academy

Mr. Kapil Kaul

Centre for Asia-Pacific Aviation (CAPA), CEO – South Asia & Middle East

Mr. Sam Katgara

Partner Jeena & Company, India

4. Airfreight IATA CEIV Pharma

Mrs. Andrea Gruber, IATA Head Special Cargo (20 minutes) The purpose of the presentation is to provide the audience with information on the latest development in the framework of transport of temperature sensitive healthcare and pharmaceutical products, how the industry is responding to the CEIV Certification program, the next key industry priorities and future developments in the airfreight industry.

5. IATA-FIATA Air Cargo Program (IFACP) update

By Mrs. Joana Nunes Coelho, IFACP Governance Manager


By Mr Bill Gottlieb, FIATA Past President


By Mr Bill Gottlieb,GACAG Chairman

8. Any other business, by the permission of the Chair

9. Date and Place of the next meeting

10. Closing

Mr. Keshav Tanna [ Chairman ]


Mr. Snehal Parikh [ Moderator ]

Managing Director, Le Muir Group

Ms. Andrea Gruber

Head, Special Cargo International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Ms. Vandana Aggarwal

Senior Bureaucrat, Ministry of Civil Aviation

Ms. Kirsten De Bruijn

Vice President, Cargo Pricing and Interline; Revenue Optimisation, Emirates Sky Cargo

Mr. Ashwin Bhat

Head-Cargo, Swiss International Air Lines Ltd.

Mr. Kapil Kaul

CEO, Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation

Mr. Kanishka Agiwal

Head - Travel & Transportation Industry, IBM India Private Limited

Mr. Sam Katgara

Partner, Jeena & Company

Advisory Body Information Technology [ABIT]

ABIT: Advisory Board Information Technology
Friday, 28th September 2018
12.00 noon to 1.30 pm


1. Opening of the Meeting and welcome by the Chairwoman, Ms. Anne Sandretto

2. Competition and Compliance Statement

3. Approval of the Past Meeting Minutes (Doc. ABIT019 on FDDS)

4. Presentation by Mr Arnaud Le Hors, Senior Technical Staff Member, Web & Blockchain Open Technologies at IBM

Topic: Blockchain Explained: How Blockchain will fundamentally change the way we do business

5. Presentation by Ms. Susan Malaika, Senior Technical Staff at IBM - Open tech for AI & Data Topic: AI Today and Tomorrow: How AI will fundamentally change the way we do business

6. Presentation by Mr Jaco Voorspuij, Senior Manager Transport and Logistics at GS1 Global Office

Topic: Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence work best when leveraging common global standards - New technologies only thrive when based on “established” standards

7. Panel Discussion with Mr Le Hors, Ms Malaika and Mr Voorspuij moderated by the ABIT Chairperson, Anne Sandretto

8. Any other business

9. Closing of the Meeting and outlook on the next meeting at the FIATA Headquarters’ Session 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Ms. Annie Sandretto[ Chairwoman ]

Yvette, Janine Pages EP Sandretto

Mr. Arnaud Le Hors

Senior Technical Staff Member, Web & Blockchain Open Technologies, IBM

Ms. Susan Malaika

Senior Technical Staff Member, Open Tech for Data and Artificial Intelligence, IBM

Mr. Jaco Voorspuij

GS1 Global

Mr. Robert Keen [ Chairman ]

Director General, British International Freight Association (BIFA)


Mr. Shantanu Bhadkamkar [ Moderator ]

Managing Director, ATC Group & Chairman, Rotomatic Containers Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Xavier Britto

Chairman Kerry Indev Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Sanjiv Garg

Additional Member (Tourism & Catering) Railway Board Ministry of Railways, Govt. of India

Dr. Jan Hoffmann

Dr. Jan Hoffmann

Chief, Trade Logistics Branch, UNCTAD

Mr. Sachin Bhanushali

Chief Executive Officer,Gateway Rail

Closing Session

Mr. Devdutt Pattanaik


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