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About Congress

FIATA organizes every year the FIATA World Congress, alternatively in one of its four geographical regions (Africa / Middle East, America, Asia / Pacific or Europe

First organized in the year 1926, the FIATA World Congress has been assembled 51 times until today, bringing the top representatives and decision-makers of the logistics sector under one roof.

These Congresses, which are organized in different countries every year, take the pulse of the world logistics sector regarding the issues of international collaboration, information sharing, innovation, and sectoral developments. As one of the largest and most important organizations of the sector, FIATA World Congresses have become an international platform where all stake-holders in global logistics gather to voice their opinions & concerns and speak for their sector.

FIATA World Congress is the most prestigious event in the Logistics & Freight Forwarding industry in the world. The FIATA World Congress will be held for the first time in India (New Delhi) from 26th to 29th September, 2018.

Aim of The Congress

  • To assemble all stakeholders across the globe under one roof
  • To create opportunities for developing new business relationships
  • To discuss future projections of the logistics sector, in order to manage its sustainable growth
  • To put on display the ever-growing power of the Indian economy, and of the logistics sector as well
  • To develop deeper affiliations between the importing/exporting sectors and the logistics and transportation sector
  • To optimize time and cost for producers, industrialists, and exporters, in order to sustain competitive advantage in new target markets

Participants Profile

  • Logistics Organisations
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Multi-Modal Operators
  • Cargo and Courier Transporters
  • Warehousing Companies
  • Customs Clearance Organisations
  • Cargo Handling Operators
  • Ministries, and Govt. Departments
  • Exim Trade

Participating Countries
Argentina Czech republic Indonesia New Zealand Syria
Armenia Denmark Iran Nicaragua Tanzania
Australia Djibouti Ireland Norway Thailand
Austria Dominican Republic Israel Pakistan Turkey
Bangladesh Ecuador Italy Panama Uganda
Belarus Egypt Japan Paraguay Ukraine
Belgium El Salvador Jordon Phillipines UAE
Bosnia and Herzegovina Estonia Kazakhstan Poland United Kingdom
Brunei Darussalam Ethiopia Kenya Portugal United States
Bulgaria Finland Korea Romania Uruguay
Cambodia France Latvia Russia Uzbekistan
Cameroon Georgia Lebanon Serbia Vietnam
Cameroon Georgia Lithuania Serbia Vietnam
Canada Germany Malaysia Singapore Zambia
Chile Ghana Malta Slovakia Zimbabwe
China Greece Mauritius Slovenia
Chinese Taipei Guatemala Mexico Africa
Colombia Honduras Mongolia Spain
Costa Rica Hongkong Morocco Sri Lanka
Croatia Hungary Myanmar Sweden
Cyprus India Netherlands Switzerland

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